EDGAR Release 20.4

EDGAR Release 20.4

On December 9, 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the release of EDGAR 20.4, a software upgrade that became effective December 14, 2020. 

With this update, new submission form types will be accessible from the “EDGARLink Online Form Submission” on the EDGAR Filing website. Filers will also be able to construct XML submissions from the “EDGARLink Online XML Technical Specification” document available at the SEC’s website

On April 8, 2020,  the SEC adopted rules to modify the registration, communication, and offering process for business development companies (BDCs) and registered closed-end investment companies (CEFs). As a result, EDGAR will be updated with the following changes:

  • EDGAR will allow eligible BDCs or CEFs to file automatic shelf registration statements (ASRs) and corresponding post-effective amendments (POSASRs)
  • New header data elements on the “Main” tab of submission form types N-2, N-2/A, N-2MEF, POS 8C, 486APOS, 486BPOS, and 486BXT will include the following:        
    • Is Filer a New Registrant?
    • Is Filer a Well-Known Seasoned Issuer?
    • Filed Pursuant to General Instruction A.2?
  • New header data element on the “Main” tab on submission form types N-2, N-2/A, N-14 8C, N-14 8C/A, N-2MEF, and N-14MEF will include the following:        
    • Is Fund 24F-2 Eligible?   
  • EDGAR will allow filers to itemize share class information on submission form types 24F-2NT and 24F-2NT/A, when the Investment Company Type is N-2.

Due to the modification of BDC and CEF reporting, issuers are now required to disclose if they acquired an internal control over financial reporting (ICFR) auditor attestation on their 10-K, 20-F, and 40-F Forms effective April 27, 2020. The auditor attestation disclosure will come in the form of a check box on the cover page that is linked to an EDGAR XBRL validation of ICFR auditor attestation flag “IcfrAuditorAttestationFlag.'' In addition, this update will permit filers to identify subsidiaries that provide guarantees on the Regulation A form types effective January 4, 2021.

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