Transform™ XBRL makes tagging SEC reports easy.

Our patented, proprietary software allows you to efficiently tag SEC documents with EDGAR-compliant XBRL and iXBRL.

Work directly with your EDGAR HTML source document to add required XBRL tags using the latest taxonomy and then easily submit your filing, all on one convenient platform.


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Simplify your XBRL tagging.

Transform™ XBRL lets you intuitively tag EDGAR HTML documents for easier SEC reporting.

  • Leverage Existing Filings
    Use an existing filing as a template for tagging to save time and effort.
  • Automatic Fact Detection
    Automatically extract numbers and labels for quicker tagging.
  • Adaptive Tagging Suggestions
    Our patented software learns over time to better suggest concepts for each new filing.
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User-Friendly Interface

Transform™ XBRL makes tagging SEC documents less intimidating.

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Budget-Friendly XBRL Tagging

Our flexible XBRL tagging software is included as part of the Transform™ platform.

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Professional Support

Our in-house team of experts is here to help with any roadblocks you encounter.

Transform™ XBRL features powerful validation and review tools.

With our advanced review functionality, you can rest assured that your XBRL tagging is accurate.

  • Real-Time Validation
    Ensure precise tagging throughout the process with our built-in validation tools.
  • Third-Party Verification
    Transform™ integrates with the DQC and EDGAR verification tools.
  • Collaborative XBRL Review
    Our review tool empowers your team to visualize, assess, and provide feedback on every aspect of your XBRL.
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The Transform™ platform is a complete SEC reporting software suite.

Our software platform is backed by industry-leading customer support from our in-house team of experts. We empower you with the tools and resources you need to ensure timely, accurate filing with the SEC.

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SEC reporting has never been easier (or more affordable) with the Transform™ platform.

We want to help you find the combination of software and services that works best for you.

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