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Transform™ XML is your user-friendly solution to SEC XML forms.

Our financial reporting software suite comes equipped with an integrated XML forms solution.

Quickly roll forward from your previous XML filing without the hassle of rekeying boilerplate information.


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Conquer the technical challenges of generating XML forms.

Transform™ allows you to easily create XML forms, even if you’re not an expert.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface
    Quickly complete XML reports for the SEC using our streamlined platform.
  • Import Data from Excel
    Automatically populate XML forms from a completed Excel template.
  • Easily Roll Forward
    Leverage previous XML filings to make preparing future documents easier.
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Efficient SEC Reporting

Transform™ XML simplifies your XML process for easier SEC submissions.

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Cost-Effective XML Forms

Our full-featured XML solution is integrated with the Transform™ platform.

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Professional Support

Our in-house team of experts is here to help with any roadblocks you encounter.

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Transform™ XML makes form creation a more user-friendly process.

Our software makes it easy to review XML in a convenient, human-readable format.

  • Preview Your XML Forms
    View your XML filing as it will appear on the SEC website.
  • Automated SEC Lookup
    Import SEC reference information using a Central Index Key (CIK).
  • Real-Time Validation
    Automatically verify SEC compliance as you complete your form.

The Transform™ platform is a complete SEC reporting software suite.

Our software platform is backed by industry-leading customer support from our in-house team of experts. We empower you with the tools and resources you need to ensure timely, accurate filing with the SEC.

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SEC reporting has never been easier (or more affordable) with the Transform™ platform.

We want to help you find the combination of software and services that work best for you.

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