Create 24F-2 Filings With a Quick, Easy-To-Fill Form

Create 24F-2 Filings With a Quick, Easy-To-Fill Form

With the transition from filing Form 24F-2 in HTML to filing in XML, many filers were caught off-guard with no way of creating these filings in a timely manner. This left many filers searching for software that could handle the new format without charging an arm and a leg. Enter TransformTM

Transform created an easy-to-fill out, form style application to make the process quick and easily manageable by multiple teams within the same organization. With a downloadable Excel template, one team can enter the applicable information, while another team can process the filing within the software. Last minute edits are easy with our intuitive software and simple process, and filers can rest assured that the back-end XML coding is correct without having to interact with the underlying code. 

The built-in form validation gives users real time validation to let them know if the format of an input doesn’t match with what the SEC’s schema is requesting, or if they are missing required information for the filing. Users can also test and live file their submission straight from the application, making the entire filing process seamless.

Are you interested in making a transition to make your life easier? Contact us today for a demo of these features and for any of your SEC compliance needs.