XBRL audit |    pro ™
Key Features:
  • Validates using EFM rules
  • Evaluates against the HTML
  • Enables industry comparison
  • Web-based software
  • Ensures completeness
  • Verifies mapping
  • Checks consistency
  • Confirms structure
  • Reveals the source of errors
  • Compares v. previous filings
  • Compares v. previous versions
  • Reduces turn-around times
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • US-GAAP taxonomy search
  • Improves filing accuracy
  • Secure data facility
  • 24-7 technical support
  • Organizes & automates audits

Built for the assurance professional

Public companies and their officers are responsible for the accuracy of their XBRL filings with the SEC to the same extent as their HTML or ASCII filings.

How can auditors streamline and simplify the XBRL audit process to give public companies and their officers the assurance that their XBRL filings are in compliance?

The Solution: XBRL audit|pro™
  • Enables the assurance professional to analyze any XBRL filing submitted to the SEC.
  • Evaluates against the source HTML to allow for direct comparison of the XBRL to the source document.
  • Validates the XBRL document by leveraging the EDGAR Filer Manual (EFM) rules.
  • Allows the auditor to compare the XBRL filings to other registrants in the same industry group.
  • Ensures the completeness of a corporate filing.
  • Compares the current filing against both the previous filing to assist consistency; and against previous versions of the current filing as you review and edit.
  • Verifies the mapping of the XBRL filing to the source document.
  • Checks the consistency of the XBRL filing against the source information.
  • Confirms that the structure of the XBRL filing is in accordance with the applicable criteria.
  • Data securely stored in an AT101 SOC2 audited server facility with failover to a remote location.

CompSci has the expertise, flexibility, support staff, and patented technology that makes us the ideal partner for all of your SEC software filing needs. To learn more about XBRL audit|pro™, simply click on "Request a Live Demo" or call us, and begin that partnership today!

Key Support Features:
  • Training provided
  • No "hidden costs": service agreement includes the software license, training, technical support, and software upgrades
  • Unmatched 24-7 technical support