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Key Features:
  • All-in-one SEC EDGAR filing solution
  • US-GAAP and IFRS ready
  • Supports all EDGAR HTML Composition
  • Supports XBRL and iXBRL tagging for 10-K, 10-Q, S-1, 8-K, 20-F, and 6-K
  • Fully supports footnotes, dimensions & calculations
  • Intelligent software "learns" with each tagging, providing greater accuracy
  • Automated data parsing so re-keying data is not required
  • Supports Word or HTML as source documents
  • Stand-alone, in-tool SEC Previewer to simplify review
  • In-tool DQC validation
  • Real-time validation as you tag
  • Built-in, proprietary XBRL taxonomy search
  • Multi-user functionality
  • Automatically generates extension taxonomies
  • Supports review & source document export to pdf, Word, and HTML
  • Our internal, proprietary IFRS and US-GAAP taxonomy search, enhancing tagging quality while expediting tagging schedules
  • Produces Excel representation of XBRL filing for review
  • Version-control enables quick, in-tool proofreading as-you-update
  • Supports filing all types directly from application
  • Provides easy access to historical data
  • All training provided, at no additional cost
  • 24-7 technical support, at no additional cost
  • Web-based software solution, requiring no desktop or server installation
  • Data securely stored in an AT 101 SOC 2 audited server facility with failover to a remote location

The complete EDGAR and XBRL filing platform

The Transform™ software platform fully centralizes and automates the process of creating all EDGAR documents, from initial composition to final filing. All EDGAR filing needs can be met with a single login and upload.

The filer can compose EDGAR-compliant HTML and seamlessly move directly into XBRL tagging.

The Transform™ platform can also be licensed by component:

Here are more details about Transform™:

EDGAR HTML Composition

The user can start with a Word or HTML file to compose the initial document, and further updates can be made within the Transform™ platform or from imported HTML or Word updates. This one platform facilitates EDGAR compliance from start-to-finish, eliminates re-keying data manually, and reduces the risk of errors.

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Corporate Finance iXBRL and XBRL Tagging

When composition is complete, the HTML source is directly linked as the source document for subsequent XBRL tagging within the same platform. After moving from HTML composition to XBRL tagging, Transform's™ proprietary and patented automated features and learning capability allow filers to generate their XBRL documents quickly and accurately.

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Updates, Validation, Filing, Output, and Subsequent Filings

For HTML composition, Transform's™ versioning control further enhances your ability to compose, edit, and finalize HTML composition. Update highlights enable simple version comparison as you proof your composition.

On the XBRL tagging side, Transform's™ real-time validation tools further assist the user. These tools highlight potential problems as you tag the project rather than waiting until tagging is complete.

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CompSci has the expertise, flexibility, support staff, and patented technology that makes us the ideal partner for all of your SEC software filing needs. To learn more about Transform™, simply click on "Request a Live Demo" or call us, and begin that partnership today!

Key Support Features:
  • Training provided
  • No "hidden costs": service agreement includes the software license, training, technical support, and software upgrades
  • Unmatched 24-7 technical support